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PR and IR

Public and investor relations are two disciplines for communication that every organization today must think holistically.

Genuine participation, collaboration and real-time communication in social media with bloggers and influencers can be just as much a part of this as the background conversation with the journalist in the traditional media.

Success begins with a look at the needs of the target group and an accurate analysis of the task. With the appropriate strategy derived from this. The implementation succeeds efficiently with a well-filled toolbox.

Read more about this in these selected references.

DAB bank - an eventful history

The listed online broker DAB bank AG had nothing in common with established commercial banks, if only because it was not possible to talk to customers face to face.

A lot happened at DAB bank between 2000 and 2005. A foreign subsidiary was bought and sold again - two rounds of restructuring followed the banking crisis from 2001 onwards - changes in the Board of Management resulted in changes in strategy. The ups and downs of this period were change communication "pure and simple". I told this story in the role of press spokesperson.

WILEX Biotech- Research in the fight against cancer

The hopeful biotech startup WILEX had great visions but no drug on the market - what does that count for in an IPO?

Between 2006 and 2008, I gave the company a face as PR and IR manager. During this time, the company went public.

Of course, this involved all the tools of IR and PR, from analyst presentation to follow-up obligations.

All of this was done at high speed and on a low budget. I had success because I work strategically, analytically and in a structured way. In short: I always have a concept.

Would you like to know more about the measures used or the successes? Then feel free to contact me!

Annual reports as a testimony and business card

Nobody buys the successes of the past - everybody invests with the desire for success in the future.

Annual reports can be a convincing (buying) argument for investors, private investors and other target groups if they find the right balance between hard and soft facts.

Figures, data and facts on business and general conditions and on business performance are therefore only the one important component. In the same place, I have to convey an authentic picture of the sender, its philosophy, its goals and its strategy.

This balance is achieved when a good team of auditors, lawyers, financial department, designers, communicators and managers all pull together and proceed in a very structured way.

From 2000 to 2008 I was responsible for annual reports every year, and since 2009 I have worked on them again and again as a freelancer. For example, for DAB bank AG, WILEX AG, for the Neckar Electricity Association NEV or Senvion S.A..

Would you like to know more about the measures used or the successes? Then please feel free to contact me!