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Better than the reputation

"Strategic framing" has a bad reputation because of its assumed manipulative effect. Yet it is basically normal that we humans relate all perceptions to what we know.

When and how does this become a strategic activity and how should it be evaluated? In preparation for my new Master's course, I came across an interesting textbook on this topic: "Strategisches Framing" by Michael Oswald, published in 2019. It offers a good orientation in this subject area.

I will also discuss this topic with my students because it offers positive opportunities for the profession of "Communication". After all, you can also "frame" topics in the right light. Framed well, one can mediate between people and organizations, generating long-term support.

In order to frame well, meaning responsibly, you have to know something about this mechanism and reflect on it every day. And you have to pay close attention to the (written and spoken) word.

Which frames are used and how do they work? The Süddeutsche Zeitung writes about this in a "framing check".

Therefore I take up here again the Unwort yearly "climatic hysteria". Here the concern about our planet was linked with a word that describes elsewhere a neurotic disorder. The word has its origin in the old Greek (hystéra), and means there Uterus.
I can't tell you how stupid I think this word is. And I hope they don't call me hysterical now.

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