After Corona, one thing cannot be changed: The certainty that change is doable. A Comment.

The first step for change, according to the theory of psychologist Kurt Lewin, is "unfreezing". People / companies must be open to the process of change. The "Driving Forces" in a system must gain the upper hand over the "Restraining Forces".

Then we can create change ("Changing") and freeze it as a new pattern of behavior ("Refreeze"). Companies are changing the way they work and collaborate Current faster than ever before.

McKinsey calls this the "great unfreezing" in the article "From surviving to thriving: Reimagining the post-COVID-19 return". We are experiencing what is possible - digitization, remote work, everything is going at once because it has to go.

The time after Corona will be hard, many changes are still to come. That's why: Let's keep the experience of "we can do this" in mind and use the momentum from it for everything that comes.

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