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Time Out 2022Time Out 2022"I'm off then!" - I've wanted to write this sentence for so long. Now I'm going to do it.
Is this art...Is this art...or can it go? Ten years of bachelor theses...
Done for 2021Done for 2021Work for 2021 is done, the inbox is empty. It feels good and it's about time.


Time Out 2022Time Out 2022"I'm off then!" - I've wanted to write this sentence for so long. Now I'm going to do it.
Lets do some work now!Lets do some work now!I would like to see something from the future coalition leaders: Fast and respectful negotiations and forward-looking ideas and decisions.
What makes us courageousWhat makes us courageousIn order for the "return to normality" in the coming months not to become a "business as usual", (big) changes are needed.
Home Office: Yes or No? Home Office: Yes or No? Houston, we have a problem: managers want to bring their employees back to the office, they want to work at home more and more.
Skills for tomorrowSkills for tomorrowThanks to digital technologies, our working world is changing fundamentally, radically and rapidly. What skills do we need for this?
Create (working) time!Create (working) time!Time is not money, time is life. Now is the right time to think about the working world of tomorrow.
Just do it!Just do it!How do we become more digital & innovative faster? This is an intense discussion at the moment.
Make changesMake changesChange communication is an ongoing task throughout the entire process.
Doubts about successDoubts about successManagers have a central role in digital transformation. But they do not believe in success.
Marketing todayMarketing todayThis McKinsey study shows opportunities for marketing in and after the pandemic.
It's your own fault!It's your own fault!Study on why change fails in companies.
Equal opportunitiesEqual opportunitiesWhen acceptance of flexible working time models and mobile working increases, this creates equal opportunities for women and men.
Creating ChangeCreating ChangeAfter Corona, one thing cannot be changed: The certainty that change is doable. A Comment.
Working in home officeWorking in home officeNew for many, a habit for me - working at home. A comment on psychology.
Status Quo Crisis 2021Status Quo Crisis 2021What leads to a crisis in organizations, which tools do they use and how has Corona changed the work of crisis managers?
Poorly madePoorly madeCommunication in the pandemic in a practical check: Simple things are missing.
Assess crisisAssess crisisCommunication in the crisis succeeds if you assess the situation correctly.
Twelthe months of pandemicTwelthe months of pandemicA look back and forward.
Out of the Corona continuous loopOut of the Corona continuous loopTips for motivation and optimism.
Without a planWithout a planDecisions and communication in the pandemic - a comment.
Please explain!Please explain!An explanatory task force is needed in the pandemic.
Fear is more contagiousFear is more contagiousThe Corona pandemic allows us to experience new dimensions of collective fear.
Better safe than sorryBetter safe than sorryThe cornerstone of good communication in a crisis: prevention.
SWOT analysisSWOT analysisAppropriate strategies are based on good analysis. I present a classic tool here.
Know target groupsKnow target groupsHow do I go about learning to understand target groups?
EVE Clothes GmbHEVE Clothes GmbHDesigning strategic communication using a fictitious example.
Stupid decisionStupid decisionPress offices are not dispensable, even if Elon Musk might think so.
Customer centric solutionsCustomer centric solutionsGood solutions start with the knowledge of the real problems. As a technique, this can also be called #designthinking.
World without contactWorld without contactWill we live in a "lowtoucheconomy" after Corona?
Be preparedBe preparedThe Communication Value Circle shows where added value is created through communication.
Added value through communicationAdded value through communicationI've known this question since I started my job. The answer too - and this value can of course be measured with #KPI.
Competence instead of knowledgeCompetence instead of knowledgeEducation should not impart knowledge, but competence, is one option for action in the Bertelsmann Foundation's "Work 2050" study.
Corporate PurposeCorporate PurposeAnyone who is serious about the company's purpose will find more than just words for it
Is this art...Is this art...or can it go? Ten years of bachelor theses...
Done for 2021Done for 2021Work for 2021 is done, the inbox is empty. It feels good and it's about time.
Feed confidenceFeed confidenceA sad 1st Advent because many things are not as they should be.
TikTok for my business?TikTok for my business?No, that's what I decided today. But "yes" for those of my clients who want to be in direct contact with the young target group.
Communication for game changersCommunication for game changersGame changers, business punks, corporate rebels of this world, we need people like you!
Communication-CoachCommunication-CoachManagement, executives and employees all communicate every day, internally and externally. The ideal situation is when they all do so in the interest of the organization.
Cite equallyCite equallyHow often are women mentioned in the media compared to men?
News in miniature News in miniature What I want to say has to fit on a cell phone screen.
How to undermine an opponentHow to undermine an opponentWeaken somebody through meeting sabotage - reality, not fiction.
Who reads news?Who reads news?Who uses which media? Study on News Use and Competence.
Filter bubble does goodFilter bubble does goodThanks to my surfing and search habits, I get what's important to me displayed. Think Siemens.
Better than the reputationBetter than the reputation"Strategic framing" has a bad reputation because of its assumed manipulative effect. Yet it is basically normal that we humans relate all perceptions to what we know.
Climate hysteriaClimate hysteria... is the unword of the year 2019, and rightly so.