I pass on my experience into practice in various ways.

Knowledge changes quickly, which is why I think it is of great importance to getting into action quickly in the training sessions. If you know the right way to move from thinking to doing, you will also be able to act with new knowledge.

Current offers - train digitally now and set the course for tomorrow

Change communication
Twelve months of working under Covid19 conditions has changed a lot for people. What of it has led to which effects in the teams? What successes did you achieve and what do organizations need to maintain or change?

Invest now in a retrospective that captures facts and emotions in a structured way. I will give you impulses with concrete starting points for options for action. So that you can make a well-founded assessment of the situation and steer the change in the right direction.

I realize this offer for you in cooperation with the change experts from Fellows & Sparks, Arnis.

Crisis communication
The structures and measures done in the Corona crisis should now be reviewed. What worked well and where is there a need for optimization? In a short digital consultation, I support you in developing solution approaches and alternative actions.

I realize this offer for you in cooperation with the experts for crisis communication from ADVICE PARTNERS, Berlin.

Permanent offers - training and further education in-house, digitally or in person

For ten years, I have been working as a lecturer at the Fachhochschule des Mittelstands in Bielefeld. I teach modules such as "Communication and Strategy", "Corporate Communications", "Public Relations and PR" or "Corporate Publishing" in the faculties of Business and Media.

For all training courses, I design the learning units and conduct classes and continuing education events.

At the University of Applied Sciences, I also supervise students during their (final) exams.
Every trimester, my performance is evaluated by the students. In these evaluations, I always receive grades between "very good" and "good". A verdict that spurs me on.

At conferences, further training programs or for client projects, I realize workshops mainly on the topics of change and crisis communication. You can find an excerpt of the topics here. 

It's not enough to speak to the cause. You have to speak to the people.
Stanislaw Jerzey Lee