Finding the right way in a crisis - communication in crisis situations requires a high level of skill. I have been working in crisis communication situations for 20 years and I know:

  • To gain people's trust in a crisis, personal presence of top management is crucial. This has to be trained for example in media training.
  • The interaction of all those involved in a crisis team should also be practiced, for example with a simulation.
  • A crisis manual based on scenarios is the ideal central management tool in an emergency.

In the field of crisis prevention, I have been working with financial service providers, biotech companies, Internet service providers, renewable energies, the security industry, public administration and the food industry, among others.

When a crisis occurs, I support companies in the operational implementation of all necessary communication measures.

In such acute situations, I have assisted organizations in the health, energy, food, finance, construction and media industries, among others. During the current pandemic, I created communications for employees, patients, customers and the various stakeholders in public administration.

The result is crisis communication that offers orientation, allays fears and provides answers.

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