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Is this art...

or can it go? Ten years of bachelor theses...

..went back to FHM Mittelstand today for data protection-compliant document destruction.

Some of the work was really impressive. I remember one candidate who studied the impact of crisis communications on a particular issue in one location - she created a survey that was actually representative because she got the population figures and microcensus for the city and kept ringing doorbells with her questionnaire until she had a representative set of data. The only exam out of more than 60 that I graded with the highest grade and 100 points.

The low point was a paper that I was actually able to expose as plagiarism. That someone is trying to cheat a grade really annoyed me, because all (other) candidates and the examiners put a lot of work into it.

I was a bit sentimental because, above all, there are more than 60 people whom I was able to accompany on their way in the completion of their training - with some I am still in contact today. All still accompany my good thoughts and best wishes!

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