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How was it?

I am asked. "What's next for you?" I've heard a few times. My answer in this post.

I am asked. "What's next for you?" I've heard a few times. My answer in this post.
It was important, valuable and groundbreaking. Both privately and professionally." And, "Basically, my life remains as it is. But a lot of things I hope to do differently in the future.

#valuable: I can feel the value of the time I had. Time to relax, enjoy, reflect, get to the bottom of things. To approach and deal with people in peace. Doing everything to the end until I'm really done with it. Being able to stop, look at things and really process what I'm seeing and experiencing. I feel infinitely rich thanks to this time, inspired for my life and work.

#important: I feel good again. Now that I realize what energy feels like, I also know that nothing was going right in April. It won't go there again, that's what I promised myself.

#pathing: I will continue to work in communications and I will still like to work with the teams that I have known and appreciated for years. I'm happy to stay in Isselhorst and happy to have the man by my side. What I will do differently sounds banal: Set smart priorities. Not taking the difficulties of my crisis and change projects into my private life. No longer trying to do everything at once. Open up, trust and give up responsibility. Cut off old habits and only invest energy in people who are willing to give energy back. Only participate in discussions that I think are meaningful and to which I can really contribute.

I will not fill a new self-help guidebook with these thoughts. Because, unfortunately, the written word did little for me - I had to go out and do it. I changed place, time, and thoughts, and in doing so, changed my future. Even though I am still exactly the person I have always been.
I'm also looking forward to real exchanges. I will contribute a few stories from my time out related to my job. Let`s stay tuned and work together!

#timeout2022 #machtsinn