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Management, executives and employees all communicate every day, internally and externally. The ideal situation is when they all do so in the interest of the organization.
  • Communication can be the coach: "Communication Business Partner" is the name of the concept. In the May 2021 issue of pressesprecher magazine, Prof. Dr. Annika Schach and Thomas Lüdeke describe the role as follows: "In addition, they are advisors who enable departments to make better business decisions, for example, by explaining opportunities and risks derived from monitoring public opinion. They analyze and interpret the expectations of internal and external stakeholders and incorporate overall social trends into their considerations." Click here, when you want to go to the article.

    I would be very grateful if the attitude behind the concept becomes more and more common in practice. My practical recommendation: communicators should contribute their view to every decision. Because it's not the decision that makes the impact, it only comes about through an exchange process with the recipient of the message.

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