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Corporate Purpose

Anyone who is serious about the company's purpose will find more than just words for it As a PR consultant, one often encounters the desire to discuss "corporate purpose.

Anyone who is serious about the question of corporate purpose does not just string together words like "sustainable," "climate-friendly" or "socially just.

They think about the purpose that the organization's products and services fulfill. How do they contribute to solving the challenges facing our society?

In the current print edition of the magazine "pressesprecher," Christopher Storck cites the United Nations' "Sustainable Development Goals" as an impetus and structure for this discussion in his readable article "The Great Search for Meaning."

There, 17 development areas are named on which we have to work in order to secure peace and well-being for mankind.

It is about "...creating a problem-solving community between economic and social actors" he writes. And that, of course, can only come about when organizations do things that pay positive dividends toward the goal and refrain from doing things that are detrimental to the goal. Then an attitude of credibility emerges in the purpose of an organization.

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