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Know target groups

How do I go about learning to understand target groups?

First learning unit "Strategic Communication": Who is my counterpart?

If I don't know who my target groups are and what they think about me, I'm likely to do the wrong communication. That's why I guided my students to this topic to start the case study.

I used a complex "force field analysis" as a model. The goal is to find all the target groups and assess how important they are to Communication. For a start, a lot of stuff with a lot of abstraction needed.

The "personas" analysis would probably have been simpler. Here, the focus is on a (fictitious) person who is considered to represent a group. What is this person's background, experience with me / the issue, what are this person's emotions / reservations towards me or my solution, all this is analyzed and defined in detail.

This allows you to understand and empathize with the stakeholders - before you can then tailor Communication well to them.

For a quick introduction to this tool and other good tools, I recommend the book "Toolbox Communicationsmanagement" by Ansgar Zerfaß and Sophia Charlotte Volk (2019).
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